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Compact Aluminum Boxes

Blind characteristics

Compact boxes are the ideal solution for those who want to renovate existing spans, as they don't require a lot of manpower.

The lacquered aluminum boxes have several finishing possibilities and are available in:

  • 45º boxes (composed of 2 parts);

  • 90º boxes (composed of 4 parts).

When there is a need to insulate the box, there is the possibility to choose the compact insulated Aluminum box.

This is a high-quality housing, made up of 4 aluminum lids filled with polyurethane and with watertight rubber joints between them.

Regarding the manual or motorized activation, it can be installed in an aluminum or PVC box, with options such as:

  • Wall button or by command (with the option of having a general command for all the spaces in the house);

  • Activation by home automation (smartphone application).

​The diversity of features allows adapting the product to the needs of each customer and each project.

Thermal oeficiente

Insulated aluminum housings achieve thermal transmission levels U=4.40W/m2K

Dimensions and maximum weights

Dimensions of compact aluminum boxes:
137/165/180/205/250/300/400 (mm)

Dimensions of compact insulated aluminum boxes:
155/185/215/245 (mm)

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