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Class + Sustainable Windows

CourageLeader, Alumínios – Unipessoal, Lda is a company that adheres to the CLASSE+ system.

The CLASSE+ system for energy labeling of products (originally called SEEP) is an initiative of ADENE - Agência para a Energia to facilitate the choice of more efficient products in the rehabilitation of buildings.

Specifically, the CLASS+ label aims to respond to the absence of a mandatory European label for some products that affect the energy performance of buildings, such as windows, insulation, paints, etc. The objective is to provide consumers with a simple and easy-to-interpret reference when looking for more energy efficient solutions for these and other materials and solutions that influence the comfort and energy consumption of buildings.

The energy performance of products is rated on a scale from “F” (least efficient) to “A+” (most efficient), similar to the energy label of home appliances. Through this reference to the energy class, it is possible for the consumer to establish, from the outset, a minimum requirement for the energy efficiency of the solution he proposes to purchase, as well as to compare the performance between different proposals he receives.

The CLASS+ label does not cost the consumer, allows for a more informed choice and promotes comfort and energy savings for families, with benefits for the economy and the environment.

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