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Opening Systems with Thermal Rupture

AXi System

Stop system with RPT - 45 mm

System features

Stop system with thermal break and high thermal and acoustic performance. The AXi system allows the execution of 4 versions of frames:

  1. straight line;

  2. curved line;

  3. tradition line;

  4. oval line.

The AXi system allows the application of high performance double glazing in order to meet the requirements of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Aluminum profiles

The aluminum profiles are extruded in the 6060 aluminum alloy for architecture according to standard NP EN 12020-02.

Profiles with thermal break obtained by inserting 14.6 mm polyamide insulating rods reinforced with 25% glass fiber.

Average thickness of aluminum profiles of 1.5 mm for windows and 1.7 mm for doors.

Fixed rims

45 mm or 70 mm fixed rim section;

Fixed frames with square for assembly to miter;

Traditional fixed rings for the domestic market;

Fixed rims with external clip and 25 mm or 45 mm straight flap;

Fixed rims with outer and inner clip for applying 30 mm finish.

Movable hoops

53 mm movable rim section;

Filling for single or double glass from 4 mm to 37 mm;

Movable hoops in a straight, curved, tradition or oval (without bite);

Movable hoops with square for mounting the miter;

Straight line inverter profile.

Dimensioning and maneuverability

Minimum dimensions - maximum sheets: 400 mm - 1500 mm (W); 400 mm - 2700 mm (H);

Opening possibilities: fixed, inner stop 1 or 2 leaves with oscillating-stop, outer, tilting, projecting, pivoting, harmonium and oscillating-parallel;

Tightness ensured by triple joints in EPDM;


System certified by laboratory notified for Initial Type Tests (ITT) according to the product standard EN 14351-1 for the purposes of CE Marking.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Categories reached in the evaluation of the AXi system typology window:

1. Air permeability: Class 4 (test standard EN 1026)

2. Water tightness: Class E900 (test standard EN 1027)

3. Wind resistance: Class C5 (test standard EN 12211)

Categories achieved in the evaluation of the AX door typology system:

1. Air permeability: Class 4 (test standard EN 1026)

2. Water tightness: Class 8A (test standard EN 1027)

3. Wind resistance: Class C3 (test standard EN 12211)

4. Resistance to static torsion: Fit 350N (test standard EN 14609)

Coefficient of thermal transmission of span of 2 sheets with 1.20 mx 1.50 m with glass Ug = 0.7 W / m2K, with interim "Warm Edge" effect:

• Uw = 1.72 W / m2K

2-sheet span acoustic attenuation coefficient with 4/14/6 glass:

• Rw (C; Ctr) = 34 dB (-1; -4)

Application areas according to RCCTE (depending on the Ug value): I1, I2, I3, V1, V2, V3.

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