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Blind characteristics

Thermal aluminum blinds are the most used today. They are profiled in pre-lacquered aluminum sheet and injected with high-quality polyurethane that provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation that enhances comfort and allows for a fresh atmosphere inside the house, even on the hottest days of the year.

Our blinds are available in an extensive range of colors combining strength with an elegant design adaptable to any style of living.


  • Resistance;

  • Low maintenance;

  • Easy integration with home automation;

  • Thermal insulation (heat reduction by 0.3 Fc according to DIN 4108-2);

  • Acoustic insulation (noise reduction up to 10dB with 10 cm between the blind and the frame).

Lamines thermo aluminum

Blades with medium or high density polyurethane injection, provide high performance in terms of resistance, durability and insulation (both thermal and acoustic).

  • Available in lots of colors and measures: 45, 55mm.

Lamines Anti Corrosion

The different environmental and chemical factors compromise the conservation status of the blinds.

Responding to this problem, there is a lacquer indicated for places located less than 3km from the sea, a special treatment for thermal aluminum with a 10-year warranty on the material manufactured.

Dimensões and maximum weights

Características da lâmina de 45
- Lâminas por metro de altura: 21.8
- Peso: 2.507 kg/m2

Características da lâmina de 50
- Lâminas por metro de altura: 20.0
- Peso: 2.712 kg/m2

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